Saturday, June 26, 2021


This is Maria.

Maria was one of the first to greet us our first week at the chapel of our last assignment. She became one of my gals, and over time she became "our" bonus daughter. She came up and helped us unpack when we moved into our home in Alaska.   Eventually she met Krista and they both ended up at Liberty in VA and shared a house.  Maria graduated with her Masters of Divinity in May. She will be a Professor's Assistant in the upcoming school year as she begins work on her Doctorate. 

We have been blessed to watch Maria overcome obstacles and chase her dreams. If she'd only move up....but ANYWAY, TODAY, Maria drove into our driveway with Krista! She's up for the wedding and we couldn't have been happier to see her again. 

We had a good time catching up and I didn't remember to take a single picture. 

This afternoon the girls went with KrUke and Maria up to Hatcher's Pass to scout out wedding photo locations. A wedding in a week. Shew.  Here's a photo from the trip....

Summer in Alaska @ Summit Mtn. 

Jared had a meeting in Anchorage and came home in time for a simple dinner with Mike, Alex, Grandpa and I.  

Michael has been working on his project. He is hoping to be ready to move it when there are guys here tomorrow to help with the move. 

Jared jumped on the mower and did a few rounds. We always appreciate anyone who wants to do such. 

Grandpa has been calling folks and saying, "I guess Nate and Heather are coming by. Are they in OR yet?" I have put the date on his calendar. We have told him how many more days, but he can barely wait for them to arrive. Here he talks to Nadia to see if they are there yet. LOL 

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