Thursday, June 24, 2021

Shopping and A Race Well Run

Plans shifted today which created an unexpected window of time where I was able to leave home with the girls. We have a bachelorette party coming up soon and we wanted to pick out some things before the party. I wasn't quite sure WHEN we'd get out to shop. We have a mission to "dress the bride"...It was fun for the three of us to run from thrift store to thrift store - and I promised not to share the BEST photo....but here's a fun one to remember the day. 

This DID remind me that we have a wedding in a WEEK. Yikes. I need to get busy making a picnic blanket and setting up a "spot" at this picnic for the bride and groom. 

We are having all the Gherkins over Sunday for our June we ran to the grocery store. It was good the girls were with me because I simply crashed. I'm not sure what I would have purchased if left to myself. At one point they called me to ask where I was and I couldn't even communicate where I was - told them I'd just come to them. LOL 

Gather Women (our ladies group) are reading the New Testament together this year. This morning I read 1 Cor 15. Verse 58 jumped at me...."Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing your toil is not in vain in the Lord."


These are words I want to describe myself and the things which occupy my time. I've been thinking of a dear couple a lot this week...Barney and Judie. When we began our life group for months Barney and Judie were the only ones who attended. This provided lots of time for the four of us to our home filled and more joined Life Group it was apparent we all valued what Barney had to say. Barney reminded us of Dad G the minute we met him...he even gave himself to prison ministry and was a well-respected prison chaplain. He was a wise, wise man in so many ways. But more than even his wisdom, he was 100%, sold out to God. He was our church's treasurer, went into prisons several times a week, led Sunday School and studies from time to time....He LIVED this verse.... at 81....through cancer, through health challenges...He lived it.

I remember well the last time I saw Barney. He was sitting in front of us during church on the field. His suspender was twisted and Dad reached up and fixed it for him, he turned around and they shared a smile.  Barney always had a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips. We joked, we smiled, we parted. "See you next Sunday."  

On the next Sunday morning he had gone into a diabetic coma. 

The Saturday following he went to spend eternity with Jesus whom he had loved so well. 

📷from church's Facebook Page

1 Cor 9:24 instructs us to "Run in a way that you may win the prize." Barney truly did run his race well. We've lost two dear men of God in a short amount of time in our small makes me smile to imagine their reunion in heaven and the discussions Carl and Barney are having now. I'm glad Brenda shared that thought.  While we rejoice, we grieve...and it leaves a hole in our body...which motivates me even more to step up to the plate, or to continue my race in a way that will matter for Jesus' kingdom. 

Tonight, we gathered in  full church to honor a race well run. We'll miss Barney, but he RAN his race. Am I running mine with the same passion? 

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