Friday, June 25, 2021

Babies, Models and Stolen Cake

I got bogged down in this day. I hit the end of the day and thought, "Nothing happened to blog today." 

Then I uploaded photos....and rethought the day. Stacia and I left the house early and discussed 10 chapters in 1 Corinthians. The topic ranged from personal holiness, women's roles, church discipline, and the intersection of personal freedom with our responsibility to love others well. Good stuff.  The view has certainly changed on the top of the mountain in the past few weeks. We can no longer see the river well, or the Butte. 

Of course we took a selfie.

About this time I began to feel sick. I'm still dealing with Bursitis and shoot...another UTI. TMI? I called the doc's office.  They wanted to see me - which I thought a bit odd - but since they'd called in meds for the shoulder I wasn't totally surprised they didn't want to call in another prescription so soon.  I made an appt for 3:30. 

I ran Allie to work. We happened upon a mama and twin babies on our way out of the neighborhood....yes, they are back and I'll share the photos in the next post....

I arrived home to find Stacia  playing in the kitchen. I helped in the research department. She baked 6 cakes.  The ice cream cake for June's birthdays is in the freezer.  Unfortunately, she tried to get Mr & Mrs on it - looking ahead to CyRi's wedding and it didn't work. BUT we have TIME to figure it out.  KrUke's wedding cake is freezing...ready to decorate next week. 

She is still trying to get the Spring Fling Cake figured out for a customer's birthday. I researched and we think we've got it figured out. The big problem is the recipe is from Denver and it needs much more leavening here in Alaska. In the midst of research we discovered the cake sold for $50 - with regular flour, sugar etc. We feel better about requesting $50 for this cake - the Swerve alone is costing $22 and we've had to make this cake numerous times trying various ingredients....and haven't charged for the trials or the fruit we will use. . . um Millie chomped on one of the cakes - we had an extra. We are going to assemble the Spring Fling Cake for June's family celebration and then we'll begin making the real one for the customer if she likes the piece we send her home. If not, I'm about to call it on this project! 

Michael and Alex were having their own study while all the kitchen craziness was going on. 

Nolan worked a full day. Jared worked a full day from the RV.  Grandpa read the paper. 

I ran to my appointment and discovered the doc I LOVE is quitting to stay home with her sweet kids and 2 darling foster kids. It's a good choice for her. It's a sad choice for ME. She gave me refills so I am set for these UTI's as I settle in with a new doc. There is a new female provider at the practice and I'll probably stay with her. 

As I drove into the driveway I was excited to see a familiar car. Arielle and the boys had stopped by to garden, but I was out.  They stayed and visited - it was a great catch up. 

Such a happy boy! 


Look at this! Cory (Daddy) is a famous apparel model. LOL This wasn't on his bucket list - but I think he did rather well. 

📷 via Cory's Facebook 

Jared left for dinner at BreZaak's. I picked up Allie. CoRielle went home. Brenda came for pizza and a campfire.  Blasted wind changed our campfire plans. 

Allie and I ran to the pharmacy and picked up my meds. Jared got home. We visited. 

It was a good day. More accomplished than I originally thought. 

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