Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Tools, Moose, Doughnuts, & Grandblessings

Michael proved once again how waiting and frugality  pay off. He has been looking for a wood lathe since his birthday in November. Today, he and Alex drove to Willow to pick up this new toy/tool.

This picture is provided to ensure you can  make out the message on his Father's Day t-shirt.

Nolan spent the day in his room working on College. He is one unit away from completing another three-credit class. 

Alex worked 8 hours and then accompanied Michael on the lathe hunting trip.

Grandpa keeps us up to date on the current news as reported by the ADN. 

The girls are committed to increasing their speed and distance in running. They report Millie is improving her running stride as well. Somehow I've lost the photo from the run. 

Where there is a baby - there is sure to be a Mama. 

Arielle and the boys came by this afternoon. I took the opportunity to run to the oral surgeon. I would not recommend this as an ideal use of respite time. LOL  It seems the time has finally arrived to deal with my wisdom teeth (or tooth as the case may be). Though he offered no encouragement about the ease of the procedure, it needs to be taken care of and  I have scheduled the surgery for September. 

Being welcomed home by Danny and Benny helped to push thoughts of upcoming oral surgery to the back of my mind. 
I love, love, LOVE Benny's sense of style! 
Stacia has made it her personal mission to keep the youth supplied with eats. She made these this afternoon.

After a quick stir fry dinner, the girls and I headed to church for Youth and Ladies Bible study.

We ended the evening back at home watching the newest episode of Loki with Alex and Nolan.

Jared has been in Anchorage this month helping with the new  mayor's transition team. He moved out to our RV today and will be at our house until Krista's wedding.

As for my shoulder, I've quit taking muscle relaxants and am decreasing the Ibuprofen. The pain has gone from a 5/6 to about a 3/4.

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