Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Afternoon Ride

 I don't know that you can beat the decor in our sanctuary! And how often do you get to preach in your cruise hat??? 

After lunch the guys all settled in to rest and nap and such. The girls and I headed out for a bike ride. 

I gotta keep my eye on them every second lest they wander into danger. LOL 

After the long winter (which felt longer than typical somehow) we are LOVING outside. We're spending as much time as possible walking, biking, hiking and gardening....well "I" enjoy the gardening. The rest of them - not so much. 

The wildflowers are out - we were especially happy to see Fireweed. 

Gathering with church family, the river, mountains, wildflowers, sun, warm temps - all very good for our souls this Sunday.

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