Saturday, July 10, 2021

Cake, Summer Faires and Festivals

 Saturday didn't begin with a lot of plans. The only thing on our agenda was delivering Stacia's Spring Fling cake to Eagle River.

 She put the finishing touches on the cake, and she Allie and I headed to Eagle River.  We learned a LOT making this was a good experience. We like the idea of a pretty, springy, fruity cake in her portfolio...not sure this will ever be our favorite "cake"  cake. LOL 

As pretty as the picture we were given! LOL 

We checked out Jamin's new 4-plex and headed back to the valley.  Carrie and Josiah had mentioned meeting  up sometime today but no plans were set. Michael decided to stay at home with Grandpa and work on a writing project with an approaching deadline. 

Josiah and Carrie decided they would like to go to the Pyro summer Festival. They planned to meet up with Bre and the kids and head over late afternoon.

 We still had a couple of hours before they all wanted to meet at pyrah's, so the girls and I turned in at this sign and discovered another annual local event we'll want attend again. It was a beautiful day for a  Midsummer Fair.  Friday fling seems to showcase food trucks, the midsummer Fair had vendors of All Sorts. We could have spent much longer just Meandering through the Stalls. Our only purchases were a couple of delicious mini macaroons, and a coin purse made from flat bicycle tires. 

The girls and I stopped for lunch and on to Arielle's to pick up her and the boys.

A couple of selfies of our group! 
Me, Stacia, Arielle, Benny, Allie and Danny is in the stroller

Gideon, Annie, Bre, Jojo in stroller, Cy
Carrie, Annie, Bella 📷 by Bre

It was super easy to find each other at the farm. AND I ran into a gal from Misawa AB PWOC....what a SMALL world. I need to make time to get into Anchorage for a bit more of a visit.  The Pyrah Summer Farm Festival is a simple $5 per adult....there were a few food trucks and such, and LOTS of free, fun activities. I enjoyed walking through the fields...and realizing they were simply letting the weeds grow up with the plants. WHAT??? Revolutionary. 
Josiah's shoulders were popular! LOL 

Benny thinks axe throwing is simple!

Annie and Bella liked the trikes

The maze has a totally different dynamic if you are too short to see over the top - just saying....
Josiah and Gideon

I finally realized to find the flattened weeds/grass and go that way. ::snort::  The petting zoo was a hit. 
Carrie and Benny

Livie is a pro at golf

Oh - look how do you use the 
clubs on them? 

It was Danny and Jojo's first farm festival 

Such fun! 📷 by Bre

Carrie and Bre 📷 by Bre

📷 by Bre

Precious cargo - 📷 by Bre

It was a fun day...and then we got home. To be continued.....

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