Saturday, July 10, 2021

In the Throes of PMS Millie Eats an ENTIRE Pan of Brownies

We walked in the door and Michael mentioned that Millie had been a little out of sorts all day. She wanted in, she wanted out, she wanted in, she wanted out.  She's been in heat and a bit moody. 

He also mentioned  she had thrown up. He was busy writing and hadn't connected the dots until he was recapping the day with us. 

Michael's next question  was, "What WAS in the glass pan in the kitchen?" It seems he found a glass pan on the kitchen floor. It had been a pan of Keto sugar-free brownies. 

Millie, In the throes  of PMSing, ate an entire pan of sugar free brownies. We all connected the dots at the same time. 

She continued to throw up, while we called the poison hotline and the vet. Saturday night our only option was drive into a pet hospital in Anchorage, or the Tier-1 clinic out here in the Valley. We found Tier 1 to be very helpful.  The vets  good sense of humor is manifested by these pictures - pretty sure the vet tech wasn't so thrilled. 
Most discreet shot - πŸ“· by vet

Millie was in sad shape. She threw up, she pooped, she was dehydrated and had IVs and lab work for her liver and pancreas enzymes. She's now at home on a bland diet. She's only allowed small and frequent meals. She's also not allowed to run or be boisterous for a week. They said her GI system,  intestinal tract and several of  things are all inflamed. The hope is  she can transition to normal food in a week, but we were warned she may need to stay on a bland, home made diet for a lifetime.

 All in all we were very lucky. She did not have to be admitted. She required no surgery. And if the sugar substitute had been Xylitol, instead of Erythritol,  we're told she would have died. The poison control center said erythritol is just the scientific name for stevia . I don't believe that based on what I know...but... Anyone else heard that before???? LOL 

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