Saturday, July 17, 2021

Prepping for Fish Camp 2021

 Shew - CyRi and Ava (a friend of Olivia) came by this afternoon. We had just begun talking when KrUke pulled up. They were returning a bed Krista had borrowed and Michael helped string up their poles for fishing. Bre called and let us know she and kids would not be by as they'd had a rough night. 

It has a decorative touch - don't you think? 

The above photo can only mean ONE camp 2021 is fast approaching. We have MUCH to get done, and many appointments while trying to get said things done, before we leave for fish camp.  Cy purchased the last two nets (to restring ours) from Bass Pro this morning. 

The girls, Carrie, Livie and Ava and I went thrifting. Our mission was to find rain coats for Stacia, Allie and myself. This is essential gear for fishing in Alaska, one never knows when it may rain. Carrie gave Livie and Ava $5 each to spend in ALL the stores. It was fun to watch them budget and plan. We found nearly everything we needed. We still need to find those long gloves that go up to your elbows.  Freddies is all out. 

We drove in and found Josiah and Michael working on nets. Grandpa was sitting out front watching. Jamin had arrived sometime during the day. He visited as long as he could and then headed out. 

These two do not like heat! LOL  82* today - or so the car said. 

As the day's projects came to an end the conversation moved to the deck - by the grill. We grilled a couple of tenderloins and 3 burgers (for the 2 young girls), had a couple of great melons, corn on the cob and a big salad. The FLIES were horrible. I haven't a clue why but I may need to hang the bug zapper. 

Livie had been asking for us to open our coconuts since she first spotted them. Michael got down to business after we'd eaten. 

Everyone headed for bed early.  The last week was a busier pace than any of us appreciate, it was especially hard on our introverts. 

I just realized I did NOT get a t-shirt made for this year. Ugh! I meant to, July is creeping up on me. 

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