Thursday, August 05, 2021

A Full Thursday...and By the Way

 Stacia and I moved our Bible study to today...I was taking Allie to meet her mom and it seemed like a good chance for the two of us to try out Noisy Goose for Study. Our thoughts...the food was good, hot and quick. We had to lean in close to hear each other because of the noise...but it is nice that people can't hover at your elbow in pursuit of your table while you eat. LOL  All in all - we liked it.  We may still like our hot cuppas at the top of the mountain best of all...but one can't ALWAYS be outside. ::snort::  We are working through Project 3:45 and are currently in Matthew. 

This warning made us giggle. 

 We had a lot of errands to do - I won't bore you with the list - it's enough to say I got home with just enough time to pick a salad from the garden - complete with boiled eggs from the hens - get potato salad and beans going, while the girls listened to a lesson with Dave Ramsey.  

Did I mention Walt, Dad's childhood friend is in town this week? What fun for Dad, and all of us. Walt's daughter Nicole and her family are here too. They all came to our house for dinner. It was the easiest dinner yet...they brought meat, I supplied a bit more meat and sides....
Michael, Dad/G Dog/Grandpa, Judy & Walt

Jason, Nicole's husband did the cooking! 

CoRielle joined us...the more the merrier. G Dog is always happy to show off a few of his great grandkids. LOL 

CoRielle and boys

Benny immediately captured Gage (Nicole and Jason's son) to play with him. 

It didn't take long for Benny to get Uncle Walt up in the tree house - getting down was a bit more of a challenge. 
Walt and Benny 

Yes, I did spend time singing the praises of moving to Alaska....because doesn't EVERYONE want to have adventures in Alaska???? It was pure joy to reconnect with Nicole and to meet her husband and son. I am going to head to bed and dream what it would be like to have a sister...and to have that sister move to Alaska. LOL 

And, by the way we closed on our home 4 years ago today! At the time we were still reeling at all the changes life had thrown at us...but we start to see some of the reasoning of God for this plot twist. 

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