Monday, August 02, 2021

Thoughts on Respite

Monday - respite. Arielle and the boys came over to hang out with Grandpa. Michael and I packed a picnic lunch and decided to drive out to Eklutna Lake. We had never done this before, we had "planned" to since our first assignment in 2002.  We had just enough time to drive up, have lunch and drive back. LOL 
Worth the wait - we'll be back

 It's beautiful, peaceful, was a great place for lunch...the drive was good for uninterrupted conversation. 
Such an interesting formation 

I really don't know WHY we never thought to schedule respite care before Grandpa needed caregivers. 
Enjoying our breathing space


  1. a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant:
    "the refugee encampments will provide some respite from the suffering" · 
    rest · break · breathing space · interval · intermission · interlude · recess · lull 
I don't love the above definition of respite.  Our life is neither difficult nor unpleasant. It can be all-consuming, chaotic, exhausting. It seems to me it may have been healthy to take respite breaks in the midst of the frantic pace of  the "life" we've lived. Couldn't we all benefit from breathing space, recess, lulls?  I did take time for self-care....but I have never in my life scheduled  someone to take over my life for 3 hours every week so I can have an intermission, breathing space. 

It's been good for Michael and I to do this together...and honestly....maybe in a small way, hanging out with Grandpa is also respite for a young mom and her sons.....

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