Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wednesday of Wedding Week

Any morning which begins with a blood draw (4 vials) has the potential to be hectic. 

I DID get 20 min workout in before I had to run to the appointment. I consider it a huge win in my fight against the all or nothing mentality. I wrestled to get on the elliptical. I planned to wait until I got home and get a full workout in, but finally decoded to just do what I could NOW. The day went off the rails, one funny "calamity" after another, and I was really proud of that 20 minutes by the end of the day. It was the type of day where you realize you only ate 300 calories all day at 10 p.m. πŸ˜‚

A lot of good things were accomplished. 

The dead appliances moved to the dump.

Stacia and Allie cleaned the downstairs. 

Stacia weeded alongside the front of the house. 

I turned a table full of cucumbers that were "going" into 14 qts and 2 pts of bread and butter pickles. Day 25 of the #everybitcountschallenge 
BTW, I'm liking the camera on the new phone

One of the day's "misfortunes" was the discovery I didn't have sugar or vinegar when I was ready to make pickles. That did turn out for good. The girls and I delivered a van full of boxes to thrift stores. Stacia was able to get all she needs to make frosting and the wedding cupcakes during the run for vinegar. 🧁

Earlier in the day I had fried some stew meat and realized I didn't need it for the soup I was making. Score, I put it in the freezer. Another small contribution to the #everybitcountschallenge.

It's a slow blog day when I post a photo of stew meatπŸ˜‚

While frying the meat, I had the foresight to put some beef into the slow cooker. I try to think ahead on Wednesday nights. After all church happens weekly and the family does like to eat.😏 The girls made veggies, a fruit plate, and Stacia turned the beef into bbq beef sandwiches for dinner. 

I didn't have time to prepare, or eat, dinner by the time dinner arrived. I put the final 2 pints of pickles in the water bath and headed to Gather Bible Study. 

Astute readers can discern Allie is feeling better today. She watched what she ate and did well. The girls didn't go to youth tonight as she hadn't been symptom free for 24 hours and we didn't want to keep the bug moving through church. πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ😏

Michael and I participated in a couple of late night discussions, one after the other, and climbed into bed happy and satisfied with the day's accomplishments. 

I am probably happiest about clearing out the downstairs. Things collected over the winter. These are the doors wedding guests will go through to use the restroom should the need arise. 

Not the most inspiring panoramic shot - but it shows the whole room

Boxes for the thrift store filled the space from the right half of the door,  in front of the elliptical to the bike. There was a fridge in front of the treadmill and a mattress leaning in front of all of it. We didn't want to haul them out in the winter, or during break up (spring), and the summer has gone way to fast. πŸ˜‚ Stacia reports this morning (Friday a.m.) it echoes down there again and is creepy. I like creepy and spacious. πŸ˜‚

OH! STEVEN (son) and STEVE AND DEBBIE (parents), friends from our Goodfellow AFB assignment arrived in state for the wedding. Steven is staying with Josiah. Steve and Debbie stayed in Anchorage as they have a tour booked for Thursday. We can't wait to see them. 

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