Friday, September 24, 2021

Fall Mornings

Nature has added a bit of white to our fall colors. We wake up to a dusting of snow most mornings. By afternoon it has melted. Fall is full of fun, anticipation and work in Alaska. Will we be ready for winter this year? 

I have always loved fall. I found myself dreading fall the last two years as it meant a LONG WINTER was on it's way. I am making a conscious choice to embrace each season this year, much as I embraced every assignment location during our military ministry.  I determined NOT to be the spouse that incessantly compares her bad current location to the glories of past locations. In the same way...I have chosen to embrace each season this year....and that has freed me to find the joy in fall again...rather than dreading the long winter nights. 

We are learning to prioritize what needs to be done as we will probably not get everything done before winter arrives to stay.  This year we WILL have yard furniture put away. 

This is a great phase of fall. We sense the anticipation of winter's approach but are enjoying fall walks and cool evenings around the campfire. The best of both worlds. 

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