Thursday, October 28, 2021

Impromptu Winter Tea Party

While it IS still fall, the weather has taken a turn this week. One of these times it will turn and just keep going....and we suspect this may be it? 

Allie loves winter. Stacia dislikes winter.  Allie woke up saying, "SNOW!!!"

Stacia woke up and groaned, "SNOW!" and came upstairs in tears. 

I decided an outing was called for after school.  I knew Arielle would be feeling cooped up as well.  I called and asked if the girls and I could drop by their home. We bundled up and drove through our favorite coffee shack.  We got tea and scones and headed to CoRielle's for an impromptu, "Welcome (maybe) winter tea." 

Benny offered to let "Brother" and Allie play with his dinosaur. 

It was a fun break for all of us. The boys were thrilled to see us. We've not been to the library in MONTHS...but winter is the season for lots of reading.....we ran through there too. 

I think we're properly armed to embrace winter! 

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