Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Bit of This and That


Dad slept in this morning and I savored time with my tea, the Word and a quiet house. It was a gift. 

Michael made an unscheduled drive to Anchorage for a root canal. His tooth pain should let up soon. 

The girls and Nolan kept pushing with school. 

Our contact teacher called to go over the girls' ILPs. Stacia's was pretty straight-forward.  Allie's took a surprising turn. Alaska offers a state scholarship to students who make a certain score on the SAT, and who take an academic path to college, this is known as the APS.  Some months ago Allie discussed her post-secondary prep with our contact teacher. She said the APS was out of Allie's range. As Allie wanted the door to college open, we told our contact teacher we would focus on making the strongest transcript possible for college applications and scholarships. We added classes to Allie's course load last year. She took a full load this summer. We have all worked HARD. Last week, I left a message reporting Allie has already done more than a year's worth of foreign language work and I'd like to add another credit of foreign language for her spring semester. This is all documented through the company offering the classes/credits.   I am sure she can complete another credit by spring. This will give Allie 3 foreign language credits on her transcript.  In the process of confirming coursework, we realized Allie has gotten very close to being able to qualify for the APS. She is only short math credits.  We have gotten everything else done.  We KNOW she can finish the Algebra 1 she is working on. We took a couple days to discuss and to realistically consider options...we'll move one of her AP courses to a typical high school course which will give her more time to focus on math, we're already working on several of her spring courses and can finish them up fairly easily...we're going to PUSH. It still feels a bit out of reach, but we needed a new goal to focus on, and if she doesn't earn the 2 extra math credits, she'll still be ahead of where she was projected to be. ::snort:: If she qualifies for the APS it will be an answer to prayer for scholarships.  

All that brain work took up the rest of our day, in fact our contact teacher called back with more ideas as we sat down to dinner. 

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