Saturday, November 27, 2021

Small Business Saturday

I think we are very nearly real Alaskans...we've been citizens since 2003....and have been in residence for seven years  (Alaska was our home state through our military career, we did NOT take the PFD all those years and when we moved up at retirement had to establish residency). TODAY, we went shopping DOWNTOWN...walking up and down main street in -2* weather...and commented how glad we are it warmed up for Small Business Saturday.  Other years it was simply too cold to consider venturing out - though the temps were warmer than today. LOL 

Stacia, Allie, Arielle, De'Etta

Michael and Cory are the champs of this story. Arielle commented how nice it was to have a whole afternoon out...I concur!  Michael and Cory stayed home, with their attention focused on others, so we could go out. We found some stocking stuffers, gifts for grands (two left to go), and some odds and ends. We really want to shop small this year, and as much as possible I'd like to keep our dollars in our small town. Unfortunately, we DON'T have a Lowes here and  I will have to leave our small town to find a gift for Michael. ::snort::  Ah was fun to get out and find what we could. The girls are doing great with their lists!  

By now most of our friends know we usually don't have an extended family gift exchange until New Year's Eve and we don't do a Household Exchange until after that - usually Jan 6th.  Our focus is usually on acts of kindness, giving to various projects, service etc...and we'll do that this year...BUT,  Carrie and KrUke can't be here for New Year's Eve. We've moved the extended family exchange and gingerbread competition to ::drum roll:: Christmas Day.  We still won't have everyone here, but most.   That means we need to get the extended shopping done in a timely manner. We'll still have the after Christmas sales for the household exchange, though supply chain being what it is, it is iffy to wait. 

Krista bought these for the girls...

Which allows me to say, "Our girls wear steel-toed-combat boots!" I even have a pair...

Arielle and I noticed the girls were looking a bit "done" after about five shops.  We were too, to tell the truth. There were a LOT of people in small spaces. I had planned to take everyone to lunch. This is an "thing" I used to do when all the kids were home to avoid being accused of shoplifting when taking 9 kids Christmas shopping (Yes, I have stories). I'd take one at a time and they'd get all their shopping done and we'd have lunch out.  It allowed for personal connection in a busy season.  There aren't many kids at home to need this any longer. Last year, I began the tradition with the grands. Benny and I went out to buy gifts for his parents, caught breakfast, and then went back to our home to wrap presents. I took a happy, tired boy home with surprises to put under their tree.  He and I are looking for a "Baachan date" in the upcoming month. Last year was crazy with covid and BreZaak's kids weren't able to schedule dates. I was THRILLED to get to take the 3 girls out shopping and to lunch today. Sometimes one just needs to be a "child" again and be spoiled by Mom. 

We went to a new cafe as our old standby was closed. 

Bistro Red Beet specializes in yummy, clean, organic, local, fresh, sustainable food. They are known for gathering and foraging for seasonal dishes. Everything (even ketchup and mustard) are made from scratch.  We opted for different entrees and shared: We had potato nachos, Brussel Sprout, Cranberry in a balsamic glaze sandwich, a veggie melt and a turkey burger. All were good. I was hoping for something sweet made with Stevia. I was disappointed, but that was the only disappointment of the day. ::grin::

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