Friday, November 26, 2021

It's TIME!

Finally. It's TIME....No, not time for Black Friday shopping. While we all LOVE a good deal, none of us felt like rushing out the door this morning to SHOP.  It's TIME....time to take down the fall decor and put up the Christmas/Winter decor. I usually keep the wintery/snowmen hidden until after Christmas, but we decided to go for it today and put everything out. When we put up the fall tree, we chose the decor with an eye to easily changing the focus. This morning the girls were quick to pull the leaves and pine cones off the tree and add strands of wooden beads and ribbons. We aren't totally happy with it yet. 

Nolan had to work. Michael and Alex pulled box after box off the shelves in the garage and brought them inside. They left for their weekly Bible study. Grandpa was occupied with his paper, phone calls, and nap.   The tree was up...the girls and I decided to take a bit of time and savor the day. It had potential to be a relaxing day with no school or outside "musts" to worry about.   The day called for an impromptu tea time in front of the Christmas tree. 

Michael and Alex found us snuggling on the couch when they returned home. We were much too content to move on with the "to do" list. We opted to continue snuggling while watching a Netflix Christmas movie.  I believe it's the break our hearts, AND bodies, needed. 

The movie ended, we grabbed left overs and then the girls, once again, motivated me to get going on is after all tradition. I find myself missing Mom greatly and appreciate the girls' company. Allie tackled the trunk at the top of the stairs. 

Stacia set up the nativity for the grands to play with under the tree. 

We added a few big balls to the tree...still contemplating the tree. We decided we want simple and we aren't going to pull out the ornaments this year. We want something a bit different. Michael told us he is fine with whatever we wanted to do. 

Benny's going to be excited the bucket of snowballs are out again

The girls were so much help! I was still pondering how to utilize the space atop the step tonsu when I sent the girls off to bed. Its configuration is different, no stair steps this year for separate nativities to sit on.  In the end the typewriter is just too big and bulky to move far. Nolan came home and said he liked it...the angels were writing the message to proclaim. LOL I think I'd be happier if I can find a spot for the typewriter and give it a Christmas look - AWAY from the nativity. I'll keep looking around....

I'll get more pictures in the upcoming days. There is a lot of box clutter at this point. We'll move the boxes back to the garage tomorrow. OH - in all the shuffling we FOUND the pictures and the Adventure Awaits sign that went missing over a year ago. LOL 

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