Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Fun - Part 3

Today is Christmas. There are 12 days left of Christmas, and we feel no rush to open gifts on the 25th. However, Michael and I couldn't resist giving the girls this gift tonight.  Allie read it first, followed by Stacia...their reaction was fantastic.  We shopped local for our household gifts. We wanted to support our town's businesses, but that meant we didn't have the selection we are used to having, we don't have a big box store in our town. I saw this sign and thought it would be perfect for the girls. I would have missed it if I was at the big box store. LOL 

Laughing hurts Allie - in hindsight should have waited

The backstory is Stacia runs around our home speaking Japanese and Allie runs around signing back.  They are teaching each other, and we are all learning a smattering of both Japanese and ASL. 

We originally thought we'd do a family gift exchange today. Stacia was shocked. This would have been the first time she could remember opening gifts on the 25th. BUT THEN....we couldn't all make it at the same time on the 25th. We shopped around for another day to host our family gift exchange - the one where we draw a name and share gifts. We "plan" to have the family gift exchange on January 8th.   We "think" our household gift exchange will be on the 10th day of Christmas. Our odd ball practices saved our bacon this year as the past week was simply not conducive to shopping. snort:: This year we filled kids' stockings and didn't fill the adults' stockings. We bought the adults a gift. 

Wood stove is off when grands visit so we could
hang the stockings

We also filled stockings for the who live at home: Nolan, Alex, Allie and Stacia. We need bigger stockings. 

There is so much fun and giggles over these little gifts. Danny loved his monkey....belly giggles. 
Danny & Arielle

BreZaak - Gideon, Bre & Jojo, Izaak and Annie. Bella sat over with  Carrie and Jamin. 

An Uncle win!
Jamin and Bella

Bre and Jojo

Annie got down to business.


Livie and Benny help Danny open his package. 

Back Story...Jamin had a Taz when he was younger. He loved the thing. Jared eventually loved it too and he gave it to Jared.  During one of our moves Taz disappeared. I promised them Taz would show up when we unpacked. He didn't. 

I've looked all these years to find a Taz and keep my turns out Taz is now a "vintage toy".  I wonder how that makes them feel to know their toys are now vintage? Anyway, I bought the "boys" a Taz....

The girls got these wearable blankets. They're not wildly attractive but they are cozy and fun for Alaskan winters.  They even have a big pocket for snacks. 

Sometimes, for brief moments, I wish we were in a place to be able to wildly spoil every Gherkin and Grand-Gherkin. Watching the fun and laughter over simple stockings makes me realize simple may well be best. 

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