Monday, December 20, 2021

CoRille's Boys Visit

 With no other grands to take out on a Baachan/Papa date, Michael and I used our respite hours for a quick lunch and a hunt for a couple of gifts which are proving elusive. Our household and family gift exchange won't be until BIG hurry, but I'd like to know I'm done.  It's always fun to play with the boys when we get home from our "dates." 

Danny has learned to stand and walk around items...he is fascinated with the freezer drawer...and his reflection. 

It had been snowing so I decided to quickly shovel our deck. Our deck is now home to our blow up nativity. We knew we'd be able to see it and hoped some of the grands would enjoy it.  

All those songs about White Christmas' fail to paint a proper picture of the festivities!  Out I went to shovel and dig out the nativity. Poor Mary. Benny was thrilled to help. He got the snow off the baby. 

He was quite surprised when a little lamb popped out of the snow. His reaction was sweet. 

I love how the girls are using the end rolls Michael picked up. 
📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

Stacia started work on a Birthday cake for Jesus. Alas, Millie ate it before she got it into the freezer, or we got pictures.  

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