Friday, December 10, 2021

FRIDAY!!!! Yes.

Stacia looks for opportunities to bake. It's always best if we are having company and the calories can be shared. We have been trying to have Allie's Uncle and Aunt over for a couple of months. Tonight, he was in town, no one was sick, the schedule was clear, and we finally had Ed and Miley for dinner - such as it is. Many of you have visited our home on Friday night - 90% of the time we have pizza - which is what we did tonight.  Stacia jumped on the chance to try to make "hot cocoa cupcakes." 

They were cute and tasted good too. The frosting was made with marshmallow cream. Lethal - I had a 1/2 of one and felt quite good about my level of restraint. ::snort:: 

We bought this nativity when we lived on Christmas Lane in Texas.  We gave it to Mom and Dad when we were packing things with an eye to moving to Japan. It is one of the items Mom snuck into our trailer when we moved up here. We've not figured out how to set it up during the Alaska Christmas season.  There is a house in town with a ton of Christmas blow ups and I always want to stop and ask HOW do you get them staked to the ground when it's frozen? Do they put them out in September?????  Shoot - I thought I'd found the solution and put our fall yard signs in bales of hay. I can't get them OUT now...we will be "Trying Ham" all winter. LOL 

Michael had suggested the deck in year's past for the nativity - I didn't love the idea. It's an idea whose time has come.  We can see it from inside, I think a few can see it as they drive's up. LOL Thanks, Hon! 

In other news...I did a thing. Allie has told me shaving one's head when one feels out of control is a good idea. There are quite a few things that are out of control just now...I settled for taking 10 inches off, rather than shaving...but she is right! It is a great pick me up. I can't make the weight come off; I can focus on healthy habits. I can't make Dad have good days. I can't make my A1C number behave (again focusing on habits - the number will do what it will do). I can't bring Mom back. I can't make everything easy and wonderful for the ones I love. I CAN cut my hair!

Our hair salon has the added bonus of being above our favorite coffee drive through. I sat and sipped when Courtney snipped, and we chatted. And I KNEW, before even seeing how this would turn out, this was a GOOD idea. I will need some daily "me" time to style this thing...and I'll get that sip and sit self-care every 6 - 8 weeks. This is good. And then I saw the results....and I like them too. LOL 

I snapped these photos to remind myself how this is supposed to look...and to assure the kids I did not get a mullet - my favorite style of all time. LOL 

because, YOU KNOW it never looks the same the morning after...and I knew I'd need to be able to look back and see what my goal is. 
Waking up the morning after

Not the same, but passable. LOL 
Saturday morning

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