Sunday, January 23, 2022

One Busy Week in January

 It's been a week far too busy to sit and blog nightly.  

The most personally significant event this week happens to involve ME and a CARWASH. Many of you know I trend to claustrophobia. I have made the last year - what I thought was my 58th year - a year of conquering fears. I got my ears pierced. I spoke at several retreats. I bought a monthly pass at the carwash and have been going in alone and together a LOT.  There was a time in the beginning when I told Stacia, "I'm going to roll down the window." All in all, I've improved. The weather was warm, and the car was filthy with all the muddy splashing water. I dropped into the car wash. I lined up on the tracks and didn't panic. Score. I got about 1/2 way into the car wash and the CAR STOPPED MOVING!   WHUT? Nothing. We just stopped. I sat there trying to figure out if I should open the door and get out or put the car in gear...and then a LOUD, obnoxious alarm went off. I figured it would be safest to stay right where I was, and someone would fix the situation. They did. I haven't gone back again. I should. 

The week began with Stacia and Allie babysitting - (Monday the 17th). Unfortunately, the children turned out to have colds. The girls came home and immediately changed clothes, took showers, gargled with sanitizer...but alas, Stacia woke up with the start of a nasty cold on Tuesday.  By Thursday Allie was feeling ill too. They are both well on the way to normal now (Monday - the 24th).  I am seriously thinking a health questionnaire for families they are going to sit for may be in order.  Maybe take our own thermometer and scan heads when entering. ::snort:: 

Dad saw the eye doctor this week. Everything looks good, though I need to track down his OR optometrist for records. 

In a show of the VA's vast efficiency, they've approved Michael for 12 more visits to the chiropractor/massage. Seriously - we are all trying to avoid back surgery. His doc told him to do this weekly and put off surgery as long as he can.  They approve 1 - 3 months at a time...Meanwhile, Michal waits in pain for approval for another 12 visits.  They are down to a 2 week wait, that is MUCH better. We are thankful this is staving off back surgery. 

The girls and I had Bible study.  I had a haircut. Nolan put in significant time towards his current college semester. Alex studied for an employment test.  

Michael and I rescheduled our planned for Hawaii trip.  We are thinking next January, or February will fit our dynamic schedule better. 

Bre and babies have covid. We hadn't seen them the week prior to them testing positive.   

All the older Gherkins stayed away this weekend. This is good as Stacia sounded nasty. Our church cancelled the weekend service as several families had tested positive.  This all added up to a very relaxed weekend.  It turned into a few days of refreshment and renewal. I made a few trips delivering groceries and at home covid tests.  

The weather has been WARM all week.... in the mid - high 40's.  There has been talk of an early breakup, Michael is consistently warning us the weather will get cold again. Meanwhile, snow is melting, berms are's been raining, temps are well below freezing at night, so driveways and parking lots look like ice rinks...

Here are a few glimpses into the week. Nolan works a LOT of hours, significantly more than 40 hours a week on a typical basis. He is also taking 21 credits this semester. He got firm about having his days off. We love knowing he will be home Monday and Tuesday...we don't see him until dinner - but it's nice. Here he fell asleep with Millie while waiting for dinner. 

The girls purchased bed sets - this is quite significant.  Allie didn't think she needed anything other than a sleeping bag when she moved in. We gave her a bed. We told her we'd buy sheets and comforter, but she really was most comfortable in her sleeping bag. Around Christmas she began talking about getting a bed set...and Stacia decided it was time to turn in her Hello Kitty fuzzy blanket too. They set out to find something coordinating they both liked. This Paris/travel theme checked the boxes for both of them and they ended up purchasing matching sets. Next up is painting an accent wall. 
Stacia's side

Allie's side

OH - before we went shopping for bed sets, we picked up Arielle and went to the MOVIE THEATER. I haven't been in a theater in two years. We went to Sing 2.   There were very few people in the theater, and we had significantly more than 6 feet of space between us and anyone outside of our household.  We met Krista and Brittany for a trip to ColdStone. We had planned dinner, but our choice of restaurant was closed due to wind damage. 

Supply Chain disruption...I will admit the past week was a challenge. Usually, if there isn't fresh, I go with frozen...but this day when I hit Walmart fresh, frozen and canned were all scarce. 

I am VERY happy for the things we have put away...and determined to grow and can more this summer. I was pretty proud of this was all caught or grown/canned by us.....far from sustainable and independent of the supply chain...but we are taking baby steps.  I would like to figure out a good storage system around here for food and get quite a bigger working pantry set up. 

Sunrise at 9:18 a.m. 

Enjoying the warmth

The chickens enjoy the warmth too! 

Unfortunately, this one is ill. Vets in Alaska don't see chickens. We turned our kitchen into a chicken hospital. She was wheezing. Michael found her under the Rabbit hutch. He brought her inside.  By Wednesday night she was gasping with each breath. We thought this would be her last night. 
Doesn't EVERYONE blow dry chickens? 

As a last measure Michael turned her upside down and held her by her legs. I KNOW this isn't great chicken rearing practice - but we were desperate. Goodness! Fluid and mucus poured out of her beak...and she is now living on top of my freezer in the garage. She's eating again and sounds great. 

I took the Christmas decor down this week. I left the snowmen up - because winter is far from over. I also left the tree up. Michael had suggested a winter themed tree.  In the end, we switched over to Valentine's Day. I am brainstorming an Iditarod theme for March...all suggestions will be entertained. We should be into brighter mornings and afternoons by the end of March. Last year we took Christmas down by Lent, I'm way ahead of the game this year. 

When it's this dark in the mornings - anything that brings cheer stays up.  The lights on houses and businesses stay up until the last dog reaches Nome....our tree will be up at least that long. 

I think the upcoming week will be a bit slower. Then FEBRUARY with five birthdays (or maybe six) and two anniversaries and Valentine's Day. 


Laura said...

Can Michael see a pain specialist for his back pain? My pain docs have kept me from surgery for over a decade and I will continue to avoid it as long as possible. Massage, pt and chiropractics are good, but a pain specialist can give long lasting relief.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I don't know Laura, I'm going to ask him to raise the issue with his doc. At this point they just have him doing the chiro and massage...but he has other pain as well and I think a pain specialist may be a big help.