Saturday, January 01, 2022

Our Amaryllis - Uncle Bill's Treat

 My Uncle Bill loved Amaryllis'. He bought a bulb every Christmas season and we'd watch to see if it would bloom before Christmas. When we moved to Hardin, he began bringing us a bulb each year. One for us and one for "Grams." We all loved watching them. 

Uncle Bill died the day Arielle was born...obviously, years ago. I found myself this year missing him, those days when we lived in Hardin, the brief time when Mom and Dad came home and lived there before Grams passed away. 

Michael came home one day in November with an amaryllis bulb. We kept it moist and watched as it grew and then began to bud.  It didn't bloom by Christmas - but look - a bit of color. 

I don't think any bloom could be watched for and waited for more eagerly than this one has been. 

Dec 25th 

Dec 27th 

Dec 28th 

Dec 29th

Dec 30th - getting close! 

Dec 31st

We woke this morning to the first bloom! Happy New Year! Welcome 2022. 
Jan 1st

I expect it will be spectacular in a few more days...and maybe I'll have to add a few more pictures...but I had to share this sight today. 

Jan 2nd - I think we're going to get four blooms

January 3

January 5th 

Look at this...four blooms on Epiphany. It's now fully blossomed. 

I'm so glad Michael bought this this year. It's been fun to remember past Christmas'. It's been a silent memorial to Grams and Uncle Bill.  AND it's such a bright note of color and hope as we went through the New Year's storm....I won't update this post again now that it's fully blossomed. 

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