Saturday, February 12, 2022

Birthday Week

Here are a few glimpses into this week at home. We are all feeling wonderful this week. We realized we are probably a bit more conscientious than most about staying home until all lingering cold symptoms are gone...and maybe we will evaluate this in the future.  Poor Stacia has missed 4 weeks of youth group due a lingering cough. This week both women's Bible study and youth group were cancelled due to ongoing members' health issues.  The girls sent out a group chat and invited other youth group members to connect on zoom. This was a great solution, we are proud of them. 

We felt quite well enough to go INSIDE for Bible studies this week. The restaurant agreed we should come inside rather than eat in the parking lot as we did last week. ::snort::   For the next 6 weeks (at least) the girls, Bible Babes and our local women's study will all be working through the same material. Bible Babes and the girls and I began working through it this week. 
Thursday with Allie

Friday with Stacia

I have a perpetual box collecting items for donation as we declutter. The girls filled two bags during our self-imposed-stay-at-home period. It felt good to get the boxes and bags delivered to Bishop's Attic.

Millie can always be counted on to entertain.

I have made two ice cream cakes this week. Stacia had baked cakes and today she decorated a cake for the brothers and one for Livie....

Michael and Dad went to their monthly men's breakfast. I took care of outside chores and then.....

The house was magically quiet, and I had no responsibilities to tend to. I set in Michael's recliner,  watched the snow fall outside, while my favorite blend of oil* diffused...the windows, the tree, the was magical. I finished Wuthering Heights. 

Some have asked about our indoor snowball fights...This little kit was a gift Mom purchased for me at a thrift store year's ago. It was simply a cute snowman decoration until Benny turned it into a great winter diversion. 

I texted the girls and asked if they were up for an adventure when the men got home. They were. We visited the library and one of our favorite coffee haunts for drinks and sandwiches. Then, it was time to conquer Stacia's shopping reluctance and buy her a couple of pairs of jeans. Allie found some cool boots. 

This guy made our day...just chilling in the neighborhood. 

We spent the remainder of the week watching shows, movies, making dinner....and it will soon be time to begin another week.  This was birthday week. A week we look forward too, but sort of dread. Having outside events cancelled did help. We had four birthdays this week. In the upcoming week we'll have 3 anniversaries and another birthday to celebrate. Februarys are a mad rush in our family. 

*Arctic Heat - a combination of Lavendar, Birch, Peppermint, Rosemary and Ginger oils picked up at our local Kroger chain.  

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