Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Allie is 18

 Allie turned 18 today! 

Yes, the celebrating began early with gifts and cake on Sunday, gifts arrived on Monday for Allie from her parents...and today is IT...another full day to celebrate Allie. 

 We began with a zoom between Allie, her academic advisor at UNCO and myself at 0745.  It was good to talk to Kate and get her input on the course we've charted here for Allie and ASL. She agrees we should continue with the one on one tutoring through the summer and fall semester.  She said passing the SLIPI (Sign Language Interpreter Proficiency Interview) was an excellent goal. 

We also discovered there is a hold on Allie's account and have plans to take care of that tomorrow. 

We finished the zoom and began our celebrating. Allie had requested Sticky Toffee pudding for her birthday dessert. Stacia made it a day early so it would set a bit before she began shaping and decorating it. NO, you do not usually frost nor decorate this rich dessert. Stacia, however, was determined to have it be a bit more special than the normal "pudding." She wanted a cake in the shape of an 18. 

Allie is excited about the process. 

The moment of truth arrived.  Stacia managed to keep it intact and carve an 18. 

This was one RICH dessert. I think the plain sticky toffee pudding may end up on her cafe menu. 

Allie and Stacia stayed up until midnight last night, visiting, doing school and watching a show.  They thought that would allow them to sleep in as they wouldn't have school. Except for the 7:45 zoom.... They didn't regret last night.  They spent the day visiting, Allie fielded a lot of wonderful text messages....and we drove over to BreZaak's to share some cake with them. 
Alas, Jojo missed out on the fun. 

We opted to have Allie open her gifts from the household Gherkins when the boys arrived home from work. 
A journal from Alex

Sweatshirt with a joke from one of her favorite shows

Panda Express card from Alex and Nolan
Bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate from Nolan

"What's the worst that could happen?" 

A tote bag from Michael and I...I found it at the vendor market the girls and I went to with Carrie and Livie. It says something to the effect of, "Wake up and go outside - worst case scenario you get eaten by a bear," with a funky bear on the front. The UNCO are the bears. Bear jokes have become commonplace around here.  

And...um...we also got Allie a rather obscure gift, but it was meaningful to us and we hoped it would be meaningful to Allie.  I mean seriously, don't you think one needs to remember to always be a bit of a child at heart? No matter how old they are?  

It was fun to think about what Allie might like. Allie is an amazingly thoughtful gift giver. She's motivating us to up our gift giving game... ::snort:: 

Next on the agenda was a family trip to Eagle River.  Our birthday celebrant always chooses if they want to eat out or in and what they'd like to eat. Allie chose Chinese. Panda Express has had their dining room closed so we weren't sure if we'd be able to go there or if we'd go to Kim's Asian Fusion (which is another yummy place we love). It turned out Panda's lobby was open.  We were about to seriously increase their business for the dinner hour. All those in line are our people. 

All 7 of us drove in. CoRielle and the boys came. Krista drove up from Anchorage. Carrie had to work, but Cy and Livie came. Jared and Jamin were also there.  It was a treat for us to watch everyone interact, laugh and truly enjoy each other.  A lot less rushed than Easter. 
Arielle, Danny & Uncle Nolan

We took over this section.

Benny loves chow mien

Benny, Livie and Auntie Allie

The drive back to the valley was VERY quiet, and everyone headed to their rooms when we got home. 

Allie is 18. Her heart for God amazes us. She pursues Him hard. We look forward to watching His plan  unfold in her life as she follows him day by day. Allie is incredibly empathetic, a trait God is sure to mature and use even more in her life. We love you, Allie. 

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