Saturday, April 16, 2022

Easter Sunday Prep

 Today was a day to prepare for tomorrow's full house. We had a couple of appointments out and about...but for the most part we stayed close to home and worked on desserts.  Tomorrow we will celebrate the Resurrection as well as our March and April birthdays. 

Today, I made an ice cream cake and a 9 x 13 cake. Stacia made an ice cream cake, macaroons, butter cream frosting, fondant flowers and meringue. 

I saved my table from being torched. She had fun "torching" half of the meringue candies. 
Look! This part of the yard is melting. 

All of these individual pieces came together in the cake she made to celebrate Jesus' Resurrection. 

At some point in the day, she and Nolan went shopping. He was going to bring soda and chips to the potluck in our home tomorrow...but he changed gears when CyRi said they were bringing chips and dip. He said he would look for snacky type food to bring. He came back with the ingredients to make pigs in a blanket. Thus, begins the Pigs in a Blanket war of 2022.  I posted this photo in a group chat with a comment about how he made 2 pans and told Jamin the game was on. Jamin is known for bringing pigs in the blanket to dinners. BUT he had NOT said he was bringing them this time....he responded we are going to have a LOT of them this year. I think the fam is up to the challenge. 

We are happy Nolan and Alex are working early tomorrow and will be home by lunch time. It's been a long time since they've both been at a family dinner.  Nolan stepped up to help boil water and sugar for the butter cream frosting. 

We grabbed some dinner and Nolan needed to go to bed.  GG, Michael, Allie, Stacia and I watched an episode in LOST and we skipped through most of a 2nd (we don't watch the junk).  It's been interesting to find the themes in this show...we found a Jesus, satan and Judas character. 

We're looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. 

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