Sunday, April 24, 2022

More Glimpses From This Week

 It's been a slower paced week than last as we've finally "caught up" from being quarantined.  While it's been slow, it's been full of memorable events and time for family connection. 

Alex and Jared conduct a bit of business in the Panda Lobby on Allie's birthday. Alex had agreed to buy JaRissa's truck months ago. Title and money were exchanged. 

Benny enjoyed this month's kiwi box. This is a jelly fish he made. He told me Danny broke it. 
I love this expression! 📷by Arielle

I find it hard to believe this face of innocence is guilty of any wrong. LOL 
Danny - 17 months at Auntie Allie's party

Most of the chicken yard is now free of snow and greening up. The chickens heartily approve of this state. 

We have 22 new chicks coming next week.  The girls enjoy the days I clean out the fridge! Or the day before food co-op when I chuck any less than fresh produce. LOL 

Look what CyRi built in their new back yard. Their own fire pit. The tradition continues...may you make many happy memories around the fire! 
📷by Carrie

Stacia is practicing how to make a Princess Cake. Bella's birthday party is coming on the 30th. 

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