Friday, April 08, 2022


Stuffed - all meat, all the time

 For years Friday nights have been pizza night at our home. Sometimes purchased, eaten out, brought home to bake, homemade...but always pizza. We recently decid3ed to move pizza night to Wednesday night as we need to be leaving our home by 6 p.m. for church activities. I forgot pizza on Wednesday this week, I went on auto-pilot. It was WONDERFUL not to have to cook at the end of the long week, I'm still considering which night will be best. LOL 

We alternate between veggie and chicken bacon ranch 

My morning begins with a small group centered on wellness at 0530...

Stacia and I were out of the house at 0700, heading to our favorite cafe for our one-on-one Bible study. I enjoy these times with Stacia and Allie. Each week we're covering the same material, and each week God shows me again how the Word speaks uniquely to our individual needs and challenges. 

This guy greeted us as we left our street

We ran a couple of errands and had Stacia home in time for our final Japanese tutoring session of the week. She has moved to twice a week and it's making a big difference in the pace of her progression through her material. 

Rose is a gal who moved months back. It's always fun to find time for her and I to have tea together, these days via zoom.  We plan to schedule another chat soon. 

We rounded the day out with animal play... Millie is about to get a poodle cut for the summer. 

Endless bounce

Nolan and the girls worked through another Exit game...

Let the weekend begin. 

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