Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Crazy Tuesday

 This was a crazy Tuesday!  

It got off to a wild start with Grandpa, then I didn't really love the passages I was reading this a.m., and I kept dropping everything, I got out of the house a bit late but managed to get to CoRielle's in time for her to make it to the staff meeting and to spend some time moving classrooms and closets. 

I got breakfast for the boys. Danny had been up as early as Grandpa and my goal was to get him to take a nap today. I finally texted Arielle for some pointers, and we GOT HIM TO TAKE A NICE LONG NAP. While he napped Benny and I went fishing off their front porch. We threw everything we caught back. 😏

Danny woke and we had lunch. We went for a walk...and finally we settled in to watch Encanto...or maybe we watched Encanto during the nap....it's all a blur. 

Arielle got home with just enough time for me to make it to a doctor appointment. Everything was fine...numbers a bit elevated but all still within normal.  We discussed my hands. Seems it is not carpal tunnel. I'm to try braces and an anti-inflammatory at night and see if that helps. If not, I can choose between a neck x-ray or some needle and nerve test. Or I can keep putting up with tingling, stiff, weak, numb hands...I may go this route as I don't like the options. LOL  I need to do some research. 

I ran to pick up Chick starter and grit. 

I got home to discover it had been quite a "day" around here with Grandpa. We couldn't do what we do if Michael and I weren't both able to be at home. Stacia had spent an hour plus in the garden - even though I was gone. She'd weeded the beds in the greenhouse and hauled dirt to them. Allie, Nolan and Alex were working most of the day. 

Nolan's hand was burned pretty significantly at work. I mean just a few blisters, but it is swollen and still painful. He had to go back to work to fill out a worker's comp claim as he may well end up going to the doctor tomorrow if it is still swollen. 

I was itching to get into the garden. Stacia and Allie made dinner so I could do just that. I spent an hour outside watering, a bit of weeding, a bit of picking up storm trash and planting these beds...melons. We shall see. It is plenty hot in the greenhouse.  I followed the guide and ended up planting way more than I thought I would plant in this space. 

The weather has been amazing! 78*...no rain for a couple of weeks. This is our second week of nice weather...I'm about ready to admit a transition from spring to summer...because really fall comes early around here so it's best to move on to summer. LOL  Memorial Day has come and gone and the weather is as nice as we get in summer....yeah, it's summer. 

I was finishing up in the garden when Stacia called to say dinner was on the table! What a great way to end the day....well actually all the at home Gherkins turned the living room into a theater and we watched Obi Wan Kenobi. 

They all headed to bed. It's still light out so I'm still puttering...guess what? I wasn't supposed to quit taking Vit D when the sun began staying up all the time.  Who knew? 

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