Wednesday, May 25, 2022

New Summer Routine

 We are working into a new summer routine. It goes a bit like this. 

Allie and the boys go off to their workplaces most mornings. WHUT? Didn't I blog about that? Yes, Allie has been busy: applications, interviews, orientation and wala...a job that will work great with college. Summer is the perfect time to get lots of hours in before the fall semester. 

I get grandpa up and we accomplish all the morning things...then Stacia and I go for a walk. NOW....this has been working as Allie has been home this week. She stays up with GG.  Our goal is for us to get a walk in and then Stacia has told me she'll spend an hour a day in the garden with me while GG naps. She sets a timer and we go for it. We  love spending  time together and we enjoy doing a bit each day rather than 8 hours in the garden once a week.  I'm sure Stacia and Allie would alternate days in the garden and days watching GG, but Allie found a job very quickly.  The garden is a MESS out there...but bit by bit it will get there.  There is more and more in the greenhouse that needs to find a new home....and soon the melons will be ready to be planted in the beds. 

I am seeing a few sprouts from the seeds we planted last week. Obviously, I still  cannot plant in a straight line. LOL Look at the little lettuce...the spinach can't be far behind. 

And the asparagus has doubled in height overnight.  

We have one lone bed in the midst of the jungle planted. Today, we prepped one more bed, added old organic compost to it and planted it.  I can't get over what a difference it's made putting black plastic over the beds in the fall.  The beds used to be as bad as the ground around them.  Now there were just a few weeds to get out of this bed, and lots of weeds to pull from around the bed. 
Yes, we're still working on storm damage. 

We got cauliflower and green onions situated before Stacia went in. I continued and planted 16 Red Brussel Sprouts and 8 Brussel Sprouts as well.  Bed number 2 is fully planted. 

I am a bit worried those tiny sprouts won't make I pulled pieces of scrap from the jungle and made a make-shift row cover for them. 

Two beds done....eight to go. 

Everything we planted last week has survived. 

I have come up with a garden uniform. Who knew how handy an apron would be in the garden? I can put my phone, clippers, markers the pockets...and I can clip the THERMACELL on it. When I have that running the mosquitos are tolerable.  The mosquito magnet quit working last year, Michael plans to look at it and see if he can get it up and running. It did a great job the one year it worked. ::sigh::  The mosquitoes don't seem to attack Michael as they do Stacia and I. I was driven to distraction last year until I bought one. LOL 

One last garden photo! LOOK AT MY NEW GARDEN BED!!! I love it. It was free. I love the backstory. It has been the baptistry at the church where CoRielle are on staff.  It sprung leaks and they are building a new one....Cory and Arielle knew just what to do with this....I've always thought a garden is a sacred spot...I'm thrilled. Not sure what I'll plant in it.  Hmmm.... Ideas? 

While we were all busy with "things" Michael repaired the mower blade and started mowing. 

All the garden stuff filled the morning. In the afternoon Stacia and I took Allie to her job orientation. We took advantage of the time to explore Wasilla a bit more. We visited the library and a shopping center. Allie was done with just enough time for the three of us to grab a yummy meal and head to church for youth and women's groups. 

GG is still "off."  He has various complaints, but they are fleeting. I've taken him to the doc and it seems to be just general malaise.  They DID call to schedule two iron infusions. That will help with his energy and shortness of breath. I'm not sure it will help with the others....


Shelley Lee in MA said...

i think lettuces : )

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

That would be pretty.

Unknown said...

Or wildflowers!