Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday Mishmash

 Saturday morning and we are unexpectedly running full speed ahead. Michael is home with Grandpa. Grandpa is still not feeling well. I suspect severe anemia; we are waiting for lab results. 

The girls and I leave the house early. Stacia and I fit in our Bible Study as we were in Anchorage on Friday for Liv's school concert and errands.  Allie vibes in the car for 30 minutes.  THEN, Allie participates in an ASL immersive group. In a God coincidence the leader graduated from the program Allie will begin this fall.  It was fun to watch as we finished our study. 

Stacia and I left Allie to her fun and headed out to meet some of the women from church at the bowling alley. Stacia and I aren't "real bowlers" but we're good was great fun to discover Joelle is also in the bumper-loving crowd.  We have one hour to bowl as much as we's a fun break and chance to connect with friends. 

Go, Joelle! 

Jess, Britney, Jenni, Krista

Jennifer, Joanne

We rushed out to run errands while Allie moved seamlessly from her immersive experience to catching coffee with an acquaintance. We checked out a thrift store, stopped to pick up a gift certificate at a store in town,  picked up our click list groceries - and all the activities fit perfectly. We picked up Allie and came home...

I love days when the plan works as hoped. We spent a bit of time making ice cream cakes (Stacia), potato salad (me) and slicing watermelon (Allie). We're having the gang over tomorrow.  One of the watermelons was perfect - one was not. The chickens loved the treat. 

I checked on seedlings and discovered the fan had quit again. It keeps blowing a circuit. Michael promises me he can fix this. For the time being I need to remember to check more often. 

The seeds I started under the lights are germinating quicker than the ones I had to put in the greenhouse. I think it's the steady temperatures. I'm not sure if I should move the inside ones out and move the outside ones in, or just leave them to take their time....and start more inside. 

Inside Trays

Outside - starting to sprout...

The little garden bed we planted is doing well...surviving cold nights and moose threats. Michael has been too busy to get the electric fence up, and I forgot that step in the process when I planted last week. I bought a wind chime, and I am hoping it is a pest deterrent. LOL 

I plan to get outside this week and get more of the beds amended and planted. 

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