Thursday, June 30, 2022

A Garden Date

 Bre told me Bella wanted to come spend time with me in the garden. I heartily endorse grands in the garden. I need HELP and if they begin to think it is fun...shoot I look forward to working myself out of a job. I can sit in the gazebo with lemonade and THEY can do the weeding and such. ROFLOL 

Bella came prepared. She wore a gardening shirt, brought her water bottle and her own gloves! I provided the hat and the trowel.  My goal for the afternoon was to get the zinnia's planted into tires, extra garden space etc. Stacia joined us. 

She picked radishes as her daddy loves them! 

She watered the melons. 

We sent her home with a bag full of garden treats. 

On the way back to her house, we stopped for other treats too. Bachan treats. LOL 

This was such a fun day I may have to hire myself out for afternoons in the garden with random kids when the grands no longer want to do this. 

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