Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June's Snippets - Lost in the Garden

As is typical here are photos which I intended to or thought I may blog about and didn't get to it in one post. Snippets of ordinary moments in our ordinary lives. LOL 

Where did we go in June? It appears we were lost in the garden! 

It would appear we spent most our time gardening in June. It's a lot of work to keep things going....and that is why the blog disappears each spring summer. LOL 

Dad has a recliner which moved from he and mom's home to Will and Sherri's and then up the Alcan to our home. It's torn and ripped and quite ugly. I covered the tears with duct tape and the tape wore off - leaving a residue one sticks to when sitting in the chair. But, Dad loves his chair. I ordered a simply cover from Amazon. Something got lost in translation when it came time to putting the thing ON the char. Michael persevered. LOL 

June 18th we moved the chicks from their brooder in th garage to half of the chicken yard. The goal is for them to get to use to the older gals and for them to all become one integrated flock at some point. 

Isn't this a great sugar cookie?  

The lilacs are in bloom. 

Allie bought herself a new bike. 

The chickens continue to like Michael best. He shameless bribes them with grubs and treats in exchange for their affection. It's fair, he has to cull any sick ones...

June 21st - finds us STILL wrestling with weeds in the west end of the garden plot. I seriously think we need to call UNCLE and let it go wild...or terrace it and put in all raised beds or what? I don't know how to control the weeds in the ground....we've tried everything we know to try except round up - which we won't do for obvious reasons. 
Combat gardening

We got the first pumpkin patch planted. We shall see. Those 1000 lb pumpkins are grown in bubbles...I honestly think they are. LOL 

We're eating bits and pieces from the garden. Mostly me as the others don't do much salad and greens are about all that is growing. 

Things to come. 

The beets are sprouting. 

We gave up and tilled some of these spots. We are paying for it. The weeds are energized. 

We tried a new way of planting potatoes. 

Oh, how Stacia and I are loving fresh basil! 

Mike prepared a space and planted some raspberry canes Cory gave us....

Mint! Great fresh in tea....

Something outside of the garden!!! We had an incredibly warm June - I heart it was record breaking. 
BreZaak's crew - Gideon, Bella, Annie, Jojo

I want a gazebo in my garden. A place with a bit of shade, seating and such for tea parties, journaling, maro poloing with friends. It is not going to get done this year. One afternoon I put this shade thing up where I thought I may want the gazebo, it stayed here until dip-netting. I learned two things: 1. I LOVE having it here and 2. it needs to be leveled. Sitting down was always risky. LOL  Wait - THREE things - this will be a great idea when I don't have to worry about Dad falling while I sit outside, it's pretty impractical for this summer.

Radishes, Kale and Lettuce

This is the part of the garden we did not attempt to tame this year. We're getting a bit closer to using all the space every year. 

Looking at the garden from the West corner. 1 - is the potato patch, 2 and 3 are the pumpkin patches, this side of the shade cover are flowers and artichokes, the hoop house has tomatoes and cucumbers, on the other side of the shade cover is a squash field and a ring of tires planted with flowers, behind the hoop house are all the raised beds. 

Our first melon...alas none of the melons have set! They all fall off. I just don't think it gets hot enough - even with a warm summer and a greenhouse. I think I'd need to heat the greenhouse and at this point I am wondering just how much I WANT homegrown melons....sort of like the corn. 

I am loving the fireweed in our little meadow. I love it so much I'm happy not to mow back there so it can grow. I wonder if this is the first step to turning part of the yard into a wildflower field. Shhhh don't tell Michael. 

Artichokes - looking back from August and I can report this is one thing that didn't grow well. 

The melons are growing in here - and I have some pots of herbs - but for the most part the greenhouse is cleared out by the end of June. 

I love having a lasagna bed (sheet composting) in the garden each year. This old baptistry will be ready for plants next spring.

We began to get so much mint we couldn't keep up with it - so we dried it and now I have my own home-grown mint tea. 

A chair, some shade, water and a Grandpa monitor. 

We've been working on this dip in the yard for a few years. Michael and Nolan hauled the dirt from the greenhouse to this spot and it still dipped. Stacia and I decided to haul compost here and plant the sunflowers here. The last thing to find a home from the greenhouse. Most our big mammoth sunflower plants died so I'm not quite sure what we will get here....but the sunflowers and some dahlias went here. 

You can see that by June we are accepting we will NOT cultivate the whole garden plot this year. We have settled for clearing enough ground to plant what we need to plant. Here are the artichokes and two pumpkin patches. 

One day I spread bunny poop and then made compost tea. Things grew wonderfully - but we introduced clover and all sorts of new weeds to the raised beds. Grrr. 

I love my pretty work gloves. 

When we got too much to eat, I'd put a bag or two in the freezer...or dehydrate a load or two of herbs or Kale. 

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