Sunday, June 05, 2022

Sunday Fun

 Dad said he wanted to go to church - on Saturday night. Sunday morning, I got up at 0500 so I'd be at a stage where I could break and help him get ready when he was up.  He woke up and was fired up to get out again. We got him ready, cooked him a big breakfast and set him down with the paper and coffee. I went to put on makeup and change my clothes. 

When I came back out, he was in bed. I tried to wake him and he wouldn't wake up. Michael suggested he stay home and I go to church today. I was glad to be back at church after the weeks of staying home. 

The girls and I went to a spot we NEVER go when Michael or the boys are with us. It was perfect for US for lunch. We had panini's and were perfectly need for chips or fries or such. The girls also had Caramel Frappuccino's.  I had water. LOL 

Bre texted and said the kids wanted to visit and she wondered if they could come over. Yippee.  They found me in the garden and told me that the chicks were GONE. The chicks were missing.  They were not convinced the chicks were fine until they saw them in the garage. They are suitably impressed with how much they've grown. They are nearly ready to move to the side yard. 

The kids had brought towels and swim suits...they were ready to play in the water. We were happy to oblige. 

Bella, Gideon and Auntie Stacia

Go Gideon! 

Yay, Bella! 

You've got it, Annie! 

Annie ran up to me several times during the day with a sweet message - "Grandma, I love you!" a hug,  and off she'd run. She certainly knows how to win the hearts of Grandmas. 

Bella picked a huge bouquet of dandelions at church and Bre helped her keep them alive until they visited.  Flowers, touch, and words of affirmation - these kids are well taught. LOL 

It was a gorgeous day. There are rumors we'll have showers in the upcoming week. We made the most of today. Snacks in the backyard. 

This little spot has become magical! The kids had to try it all out...I heard several comments about needing one at home....I am so happy to have the sturdy cluster of Birch trees so we can have this spot. 

Bella and Jojo

Nolan came out and played on the trampoline while Bre and I continued to visit. 

Michael mowed about 1/2 of the yard...look, not a dandelion in sight. We still have a nice crop behind the greenhouse and to the south of the driveway. But not one in sight when relaxing....well there is the garden but we're working on dandelion at a time....

Grandpa felt well enough to come outside and sit on the deck. I know the sunshine is good for him so it's always nice when he ventures out. 

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