Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Day 5 - End of Fish Camp 22

 The campground we stay at typically requires a 5 night stay during July/dip-netting season. I am really NOT sure WHY they think this is a good plan...but we have ponied up for 5 nights for the last 3 years. This year they didn't have five nights available due to caravans. I was THRILLED we only had to pay for 4 nights. LOL  It was great all fish were caught by Sunday night. This left Monday to explore even though they were coming home a day early. 

Today, the boys played with bubbles and parachute men while the adults broke camp and got everything ready to drive home. 

LOVE Benny's little jig! 

GG had been asking OFTEN all day yesterday and today when they would be home. Millie was crazy out of sorts with Stacia gone. She got a bit better when Allie came home, but even Allie agreed she was nuts!  As the morning wore on Dad was asking about every 15 min when they would be home and Millie wanted in and out, continually, all day long. I tried taking everyone outside with minimal effectiveness. LOL 

I was about to go BONKERS by the time the RV pulled into the driveway. 

Millie was even MORE bonkers...CoRielle had arrived first and Millie needed to be put in the girls' room as we simply couldn't control her. She KNEW Stacia should be around. 

Cory dove into unloading the truck, vacuuming the truck and generally moving things over to their van. The kids said hello to GG and then played in our "park."  We began emptying the freezer into CoRielle's cooler and ours...Alex, Michael and Cory moved the freezer and loaded it again in the garage. I unloaded the fridge. Most of the cleaning will wait for tomorrow.  Nolan spent the afternoon with Bre and kids and the evening helping Jamin move into his new home in the Valley. 

Krista showed up in the midst of unloaded with TWO drink trays full of drinks from Blondies. 

She's so sweet. She even brought two sugar free drinks for Dad and I. I've never had an iced chai...the boys approved of the treat. 

The girls told me they have talked and decided every family will take one communal meal next year. That will sure cut back on my shopping and prep time.  

Michael cleaned out a few coolers...and it was dinnertime. The travelers had a late lunch and none of them wanted to eat. Allie, Grandpa and I ate. Michael showered and promptly went to sleep.  He is NOT feeling well. The girls, Grandpa and I watched an episode of Manifest. 

I had been doing o.k. with missing the trip, but I'll admit I felt some pangs as I began to unload the RV. I dream of more camping trips...we'd hoped to do them before Stacia left home but the logistics are difficult and we've not figured it out. 

And, Millie? She's not letting Stacia move away from her...at.all. 

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