Friday, July 15, 2022

Overnight with the Boys

 A benefit of being behind in writing is I can write with a bit of freedom looking back.... we were expecting C to move into CoRielle's home the day after dip-netting. This is a big step, will bring transition and less "couple time" for Cory and Arielle. They've not gone away together since Benny was born. They asked if I would be willing to spend a night with the boys so they could go away.  We knew we would have company, but this is important and needed to happen before dip-netting. Stacia decided to come and spend the night too. 

Thursday afternoon I headed over to their home. When the boys were ready, we commenced to play! We went to a river park...where we discovered Danny does NOT like dirt or sand on his hands. He'd climb a step and then hold out his hands to one of us to brush them off. 

We walked through a campground and along the river trail. We called Maria and suggested she and Kent come walk that trail as there was a break in the rain. They did...and then they went ahead and climbed the Butte as well. No ring was presented. 

Danny LOVED leading the way! 

A grandma at the park told us another park was much better for little ones. I do not agree - but at the time it sounded good. I decided to get gas first....and while I was pumping gas Benny sweetly said, "Baachan - we could get ice cream." 

He wasn't wrong. 

We stopped in at the local ice cream parlor and filled the boys up. For future trips - ONE kids dish is plenty big enough for two....and half of Benny's ice cream fell on the ground. We took Danny's leftovers home for the freezer.

Properly fortified we headed to the next park. 

Not exactly the look I was going for, Stacia. 

Next up was dinner - and boo boo repair. 

We sent photos to CoRielle along the way to ease their concerns at being apart. They sent photos back. They had a lovely Air BnB - one I need to find. They went axe-throwing too. 

Right outside their Air BnB.

Friday started with early morning snuggles! I do miss toddler snuggles! 

When both boys were fed and ready to begin the day, we headed back to the last park we had been at. We wanted to try it when it wasn't busy. We were the ONLY ones at the park, and it WAS much more fun - much easier to keep track of the boys. 
And then a bee flew into Danny's ear....

Bachan, Auntie Stacia, Danny & Benny 

CoRielle got home, put the boys down for naps and then came to our house and picked up Kent and Maria. They took them back to Hatcher's Pass to show them some of their favorite hikes. They got a lot of great photos; no ring was presented. LOL 

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