Friday, August 05, 2022

A Perfect Rainy Day or The Day I Became a Real Alaskan Woman

 TODAY is a momentous day! We have been in our house for five years. We got to Alaska in June but lived in the RV until we could close on this property.  AND today is the day I became a real Alaskan woman.  

Benny had won tickets and a pony ride to the Reindeer farm. He had four tickets. He and Cory and Arielle needed a ticket. Danny is free. We had thought C would be in their home and he would be free too. Benny had an extra ticket and they invited me to go with them. 

It was RAINING this morning. Not a NW drizzle....SERIOUS rain. I was going!!!! I had my thrift store rain jacket....and I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear. Michael suggested the xtra tuffs he bought me four years ago. is the day I wore xtra tuffs and became a real Alaskan woman. 

Check out the boots! 📷by Arielle

Those drinks? They stopped and brought me a hot tea...they know how to bless Bachan. Those drinks were a life saver! LOL 

Danny was not sure about this adventure at first! 
Bachan gets you, baby! 

It didn't take him long to "warm up" to the experience.

There's something therapeutic about thrashing through puddles in rain boots. I will be wearing the xtra tuffs regularly. 
Cory, Arielle, Benny and Danny 

Not letting a bit of rain spoil the fun! 

Danile preferred puddles to posing! 

📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

Look how BIG that moose is...and he is NOT a huge moose by moose standards. Out in the yard one doesn't notice how big they are...of course, I've never gotten this close either. 
📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

Musk Ox 📷by Arielle

Reindeer 📷by Arielle

Did you know Reindeer turn WHITE in winter? I need to go see this in the winter. 

Puddle stomping 📷by Arielle

It was about this time someone commented this would probably not have been a great first family outing for C. One has to work up to this sort of craziness. LOL Seriously, it was great fun to spend the day with CoRielle - rain or shine. 

I got home and discovered I was WET ....from the inside out. That rain jacket was USELESS, but MY FEET WERE DRY. 

I had just enough time to dry off, visit with Michael and the girls, take Allie to work, get a pot of chicken vegetable soup started, and head out to meet a friend for tea.  It was a good day. 

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