Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Another Day

The highlight of the day? 

Maybe Dad's doctor appointment? They wanted to check the blood pressure readings we've been taking and discuss the results of Dad's echocardiogram. 

In a nutshell - they didn't BELIEVE some of our readings. I was glad Michael was there to back me up. I KNOW we take 3 readings of the odd ones and choose the best to record.  The thought is he'd be dead if the readings we get were thought being...that's what I've been TELLING YOU since May! They are high and they are all over the board.  BTW, this is with a new blood pressure monitor they ordered less than 2 years ago. I think that dad's numbers are simply CRAZY.  HOWEVER, they are "ok" most of the time, as we juggle all the meds to keep them o.k. 

We didn't learn anything new.  Dad's physical heart is simply not his best feature. 

I had just enough time to make Salmon chowder when we got home. Stacia made biscuits. I was surprised when EVERYONE came up for dinner. That doesn't happen often at all. Unexpected time off...always exciting. 

We headed to church for youth. I grabbed a nap in the car. It was great. 

That's our wild and wonderful day. 

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