Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Another GRAND Day!

 Hello there, Jojo! 

Jojo was not thrilled when he saw ME this a.m.  He knew Mom would be leaving. He was fine in a few minutes. I watched the kids while Bre ran across town for an appt.  We watched some Veggie Tales on the Minno streaming service. This is a great place for kids to hang out.

Dancing to Veggie Tales

We played a matching game. I got them lunch. 

The weather was nice, so we opted for some outside play. BTW, see the house on the other side of the fence? That's where the cousins live! LOL 

Bre got home shortly after we began playing outside. When I got home, I discovered three moose had paid a visit to the garden. I spent some time in the garden, the girls got dinner on, and then it was time to head to church. 

Eleven eggs today! 

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