Friday, September 30, 2022

September Snippets

 Dad (GG) spends MUCH time at this table poring over the newspaper. The paper has just raised it's price by $7 and frankly, I don't think it's worth the price....BUT for the hours of pleasure it gives Dad it IS worth the price. Most days he's plotting what he wants to buy from the classified ads. We've had some close calls...dogs, boats, cars, houses, is actually sort of fun to see what captures his interest each day. 

I filled Mom Mary's antique blue canning jars with twinkling LED lights last year. This year I replaced the batteries. Embracing fall and prepping to enjoy the magic of winter. 

Everyone was busy or working...Michael, Stacia and I opted to play Farkle.  It was a bit sad that GG can no longer enjoy Farkle. 

The colors didn't show as they did with the naked eye, and I refuse to digitally add color. I LOVE the fall colors when they parade with the snow on the tops of the mountains. The yellows and oranges are marching up the sides of these snow-topped mountains. 

My friend, Dorothy, posted this photo for me while she was on vacation. Dorothy lives in England, and this is a casual cream tea from the National Trust. In any event, I love the photo and it shows English scones are round and they do indeed list.  I love the reflection in the tea pot. It made my day just to see that Dorothy thought of me. LOL 
📷 by Dorothy

I continue to be amazed at the comparison between the Kuroda (Japanese) carrot and the Scarlet Nantes. 

It's a blast to visit the chicken yard since the new flock of chicks have matured. Lots of new eggs. Tiny ones continue to show up in the yard which clues is in that there are still some just starting. We continue to get 12 - 17 eggs a day. 

Fall bike rides - it doesn't get much better. Olivia is turning into such a beautiful young lady. 
📷by Carrie

Then there was the morning I slipped and fell in the chicken yard. This batch of hens are EXUBERANT. When I open the door in the a.m., they all CHARGE out the door with great noise and excitement. I fell. They charged me as I had the bowl with their scraps. What a mess. This is AFTER I hosed off. 

I love how the snow is coming down our montains. It isn't down to the treeline yet - but it's getting close. This was taken Sept 21st. We are guessing 2 - 3 weeks until snow in our yard. This photo doesn't do the fall colors - they've been gorgeous! 

We kept the community going after Women's Conference by having a potluck on Sunday. We had an abundance of eggs when we got home. This will make the world's smallest deviled egg. ::snort:: 

We pulled it together. These ones peeled eggs and Allie turned them into her famous deviled eggs, while I baked caramel apple and pumpkin spice cookies (two kinds - not one). I also threw together broccoli, salmon, rice, cheese, mayo and made salmon slop which all got eaten at the potluck. 

There's been a grizzly in our area. He has been eating turkeys, getting into chicken coops and crossing the river to town. Now, he's back out here. A friend's husband saw him in their woods. Their woods back up to ours - sorta - Michael says they are 200 yards up from us.... If I posted the map you'd be truly impressed - but I don't plan on posting a map with street names online. LOL On the 26th Millie began to bark and alert. Stacia saw something brown in our woods - heading for our neighbors. Michael and he got on the phone and determined it was these moose. 

I love fall. 

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