Wednesday, September 28, 2022

An A+ Day

Some days are simply perfect - A+ days. We've had a few of those days this week...mixed in with the sore throats, busy schedules, cancelled meetings and meetings kept.  We woke up one day with a desire to celebrate Allie: her journey and the nearing completion of her first round of college classes. 

Why, yes, we DO look for reasons to celebrate. Everyone needs a good party. Lunch found many of us at the restaurant in town with a table big enough to seat us all spur of the moment. Liv and Carrie, Nolan, Arielle and Benny joined Nolan, the girls, Michael, Dad and me. We love the family who runs the restaurant, and, on this day, Allie scored a cinnamon roll nearly the size of her face! We split it the next morning for breakfast.  

We all made sure not to eat past 80% so we could head over to our town's local ice cream shop after lunch.  Alex, Cory and the little boys and Bre and kids joined us there. We took over the establishment...and they seemed happy for our business.

Such hard choices

CoRielle, Danny and Little Buddy 

CoRielle and BreZaak live within walking distance of the ice cream shop. All the kids were excited about their unexpected walk - and the final destination. 

Carrie, Stacia and a photo bomber

Michael and Dad - we opted not to have ice cream as they
have no sugar free - solidarity with Dad

Livie, Allie, Jamin and Nolan 

BreZaak's kids 

The gang

Cousins - Annie, Bella, Gideon and Benny 

The only grizzly I care to meet! 

We cherish days when we can gather so many dear gherkins at the drop of a hat. We don't take the blessing for granted after all our years of wandering. We ended the night playing a bit of Pando. 

It was an A+ day! A day we'll remember with smiles for years to come. 

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