Monday, October 17, 2022

A Day at Home

I finally had a day with NOTHING on the schedule. I took advantage of the time to process the rest of our tomatoes and peppers. 

Allie is in between classes and off of school this week. I told Stacia to take the week off school too. She had pressed through with school even when she was SICK.  They need to rest as much as they can. Stacia is fighting her way back to health. They have a conference on Thursday.  Stacia felt well enough to begin planning BreAnne's baby shower cake. 

I believe she decided not to go with these pans. She'll use the top two for the bottom and then two 6 in for the's going to be cute. 

I used 3 dozen eggs and made baked omelets. These are in the freezer and should make for easier breakfasts for GG when I'm out in the morning, as well as quick breakfasts for the rest of us. 

Michael worked on building a new compost bin. Alex is off work today and ran some errands and played video games. I took Allie to work. One of us will fetch her at the end of her shift. The girls are so close to getting their license we can "smell it." I think they could pass now, but we want to get more highway practice. 

I grabbed a power nap. Millie joined me and Stacia grabbed a photo. LOL  Oh - and I got two women's ministry team meetings on the calendar. 

After dinner Dad talked on the phone for quite a bit and Michael, Stacia and I played Sorry. It seems there are new rules and this does not look the Sorry I play with the grands on Wednesdays. Stacia won all three games.

Poor Millie was very sad she didn't get to play. 

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