Friday, October 07, 2022

A Fun Gathering

We were promised a picture to take home which we would love. 

About every 6 -8 weeks our local women's ministry - Gather - gathers for a fun event. Jennifer does a great job planning these. We were all surprised when we had 33 RSVP's for this evening. Wow. 

 Our teacher taught art for 30 years. She was wonderful. She made several comments about our group being the most talkative group she's taught. Um.  Jackie showed us the process step by step....and our paint brush was little 1 in pieces of cardboard. It's amazing how well some of them turned out. 

Personally, I was happy to have daughters in the mix and having fun. Our events are for youth ladies and above....we were happy to have several mother/daughter teams enjoying the outing together. 

Stacia and Allie 

Bre and Stacy (not a daughter but loved)

Lindsey, Sydney and Harper volunteered to help us with kids. This allowed Yadira and Bre an outing with grown girls. 

It was a great evening to gather at MAG.  

About that promise? Most were happy. I was told my style is abstract. I can live with that. Call me Lady Picasso. 

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