Friday, October 14, 2022

Hello, FRIDAY!

 Some weeks Friday is more eagerly welcomed than others. This week I celebrated surviving the past week. 

Stacia and I woke this morning glad we had combined girls' study this week.  I was also happy not to have my 0530 zoom meeting this week.  She finished her school week. Allie did some research on a project. The big appointment still left on the calendar for today was Millie's trip to a new groomer. She has always gone to one recommended to us by a couple of folks. She has not liked it. She plants her rump on the ground when we walk in, and we have to drag her to the back. They always shave her VERY close. The cheapest it has ever cost was $95 and most often $125.  We've been trying for over 6 months to get into another groomer we wanted to try. They book 3 months out. Millie needs to be trimmed more often than 3 months. I love her long hair; the matts are not fun at all for her or us. 

We were amazed at the change in Millie's attitude when we went into the new groomer. She ran to greet and sniff the groomers, then came back to us and sat, then ran up to greet them frenzied barking.  One of their gals came in and saw Millie and begged to groom her. She has a doodle too. Millie went right back with her. They tried to leave some length, but it's been months and we knew she'd need to be shaved. Even there they used a 7 on most of her...the other place goes significantly shorter. 

When we picked her up, she was happy. It only cost $80...significantly cheaper. Unfortunately, they are booking 3 months out. We went ahead and booked her 6 weeks out just for a good wash and blow out...and then 3 months for a cut...they'll put her on the wait list and hope that she can get in at 8 weeks. 

Nolan came and picked the girls up to spend the night with him. They'll come back tomorrow for our monthly family celebration. 

I made another 3 dozen deviled eggs as the 2 doz I had put aside for tomorrow were GONE by lunch today. I have found a way to prep eggs they must like. 

Michael and Alex discussed 1 Sam 25 at lunch. 

These are the last flowers of the year.... I am happy with the flowers which grew. Unfortunately, I did not dig the Dahlias before the frost. It isn't supposed to be frosting yet. LOL I'll have to start from seeds again next year.... I'll start them earlier.  I think I'll try some dinner plate sized ones, as well. 

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