Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Reprieve from Apples

 Yes, I had a reprieve from apples today. I probably should have worked for a bit...but I didn't. 

Have I mentioned how DARK it is in the mornings. Michael has reminded me that daylight savings is coming and then the sun will rise earlier....of course, it will get dark SOONER on the other end...In any event it is hard to water animals when one can't find the bowl. It's a bit spooky too - though I'm quite sure the neighborhood grizzly has found a place to hunker down. We are left with moose in the garden - and I don't mind if they visit now. LOL 

I spent several hours with BreZaak's kids today. Bre had an appointment. This little gal is coming soon - I can tell these things. ::snort:: That and the fact that she is due in 17 days. The big excitement at their house is the boys have scored their own room with BIG KID BUNK BEDS! I absolutely LOVE these bunk beds. The steps are great, and they form a bookshelf - which is filled with Tonka trucks as of this morning. 

Jojo (Josiah) is rather proud of his ability to climb to the top of Gideon's bed. Rumor is no one is sleeping in this room just yet. 

We spent the bulk of our time reading. I loved it. They brought me book after book, and I was happy to read each one...these kids have a wide assortment of reading interests. 

Michael ran over to help Bre take the girls' beds apart when I got home.  I had 2 1/2 hours when I got home where I could have worked on apples before dinner and youth/women's group...I decided not to get it all out. 

In other exciting news, Larissa sent a recording of baby Noah's heartbeat. I love the technology of today. 

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