Friday, December 16, 2022


I played around with a recipe and created these. They are a hit. They are NOT sugar free.  They are going to our Bahai neighbor who acts more Christ-like than many Christians. Oops - did I say THAT???? I need to get them delivered BEFORE many more are eaten.  I need to buy more candy and make some variations for our Christmas Adam Tea and our Christmas Day Jesus party.  I think I could use Snickers or Thin Mints as well as Reeses.... 

Six Sisters No Bake Reese Fudge Bar - sorta 

Since some will wonder if I only deliver to those who are friendly. NO. BUT...we've taken things around since we moved here to our neighbors (we don't live on a typical city block). I had noted some oddities in response. Michael mentioned last time he thought there was a bit of we will not take goodies around to neighbors who seem to read it as a hostile takeover attempt. We will deliver to those two or three who seem comfortable with the idea of neighbors being neighborly... We'll think of new ways to be friendly to those who seem not to want one on their property. LOL In what I think may be a GOD THING...the one hostile got a new dog and their dog loves to run away to our we get to smile, retrieve the dog and exchange a bit of good cheer when the dog breaks away. Who knows? 

Michael and I, the girls, Alex and GG all went to Anchorage to watch the new Avatar movie. It was an end of the year appreciation Jamin hosted for all his realty clients. Our thought was a free movie, dinner and drive through lights at ACF in Eagle River.  It was fun to see Jamin and CoRielle and boys at the movie. That is a LONG movie. We were getting out at 7:40 p.m. and since Alex had to be up at 0400....we opted to skip dinner and lights. We came home and Alex went downstairs. GG had some dinner. The girls and I had hot drinks and visited a bit, and we called it a night. 

The drive was beautiful. We only saw on wreck. Maybe folks are getting their winter driving skills honed. 

Thanks, again Jamin, for the night at the movies. We loved it. 

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