Thursday, December 22, 2022

In A Moment Everything Changes

Stacia is absolutely "knocking her senior year outta the park!" She's "killing it."  This morning a note from our mayor arrived. She's finally realized they are NOT joking when they send these letters. It congratulates her for being in the top 10% of Alaska's graduates and for earning a scholarship at any university in the state system.  Her heart is set on being a missionary and she is plotting a direct course through Bible school to Japan. It is highly unlikely she will detour for a stint at one of our universities...but who knows? God always funds his plans. 

She isn't coasting, her coursework is so interesting to her that she is up early and working hard. She has a plan to finish her high school curriculum by the end of the 3rd quarter - and she's taking a FULL load. She will then have the 4th quarter of her senior year to work solely on college credits.  This has been her plan. She applied to a program with Global University (an Assembly of God University) to begin taking courses as a high school student. Then, she waited. 

At dinner tonight she mentioned she'd not heard from Global yet about her application. She was wanting to start the first class in January. I checked my phone and saw an email from the university. I handed my phone to her to read. 

She's accepted and can begin immediately. She'll have to take the first 3 courses one at a time, maintain a certain GPA and if she does - she'll be free to switch over and go full bore. She has six months to finish each course, but we suspect she'll have the first one done by the end of the 3rd quarter...and finish the next two her 4th quarter. We'll see. She's highly motivated to "get it done."

Stacia said it well. "In a moment, everything changes and yet nothing changes."

Doesn't that sum up so much of a senior year? She is still in high school. She'll still be at home. BUT she's been accepted into the University she thinks she will want to attend for her Bachelor's in Intercultural Studies. She believes she'll eventually be able to do a semester abroad and stay with some missionaries in Japan. She'll begin college courses in January. 

We are proud of Stacia! We knew when she figured out what she wanted to do she would chase it down wholeheartedly. Y'all she's suffered since the earthquake, but she's ready to go back.  It's fun to watch. 

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting opportunity! God is so good!!