Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Marshmallow (and other) Adventures

We had a busy day! Michael spent most the day shoveling ramps, walks and our driveway. 

Stacia and Allie had school...then Allie headed to work, and Stacia settled in to working on a Christmas present and making dinner. 

I left the house at 0800...after spending an extra 10 minutes shoveling out the van. It was an exciting drive into town and CoRielle's house.  The roads out near their church were a mess and so the staff meeting had been called off. Arielle asked if I'd be willing to stay anyway so she could get some computer work done uninterrupted. The boys and I MUST have our Tuesday mornings. We started with drinks...the boys now run to the table when they see me coming to the door. ::snort:: Cool hot chocolate for the younger boys and "China tea" (Chai tea) for Benny and me. 

It snowed most the night and it kept snowing off and on all day. The boys were enthralled - for about 4 minutes. 

We spent 20 - 30 minutes playing all sorts of "chase" games on youtube...a clever ploy to get kids active during screen time. I got 2000 steps - works for me. LOL 

Little Buddy and Benny 

We usually read a book, but no one was in the mood to read today. Arielle had said Benny's school activity today was to build a marshmallow sculpture. We settled in to work on our sculptures. I showed them how to make cars, igloos and snowmen...I DID let the little guys on the table for this one. 

It all started so well. They were motivated and making all sorts of structures and creatures...You KNOW what he's thinking. 

Yep - and once Danny tried them - everyone had to try one. 

Little Buddy has a unique building technique. 

Next up Benny made a great discovery...marshmallows melt with warm hands and friction. 

THIS led to everyone heading to the sink where they discovered marshmallows shrink and melt in warm water. LOL 

I told Arielle it turned into being more of a science experiment than an art project. Benny DID make a mouse trap. 

Arielle asked if the boys were having trouble minding me. No, they were great...but there is a lot of redirecting, and encouraging "make good choices" and "walk away," when watching two two year olds. LOL At times I felt I was attempting to herd cats. ::snort:: We had fun. In no time at all it was time for us to head off in different directions: me across town for food co-op, Little Buddy to therapy, and Danny and Benny to library story hour. 

The roads were a mess, I was quite proud of myself for driving all the way to the other side of the next town over and NOT sliding at all. I DID see a truck perpendicular, with its nose in the snow and its wheels spinning.... people were pulling over everywhere to help. I thought my best bet was to keep sliding straight on down the road. 

On the way home from co-op I stopped to pick up meds for Dad. WHOeee. $475 for meds...that's his co-pay....and when I got home, I found out that Kroger will no longer be in the network of who his insurance accepts as of Jan 1st. In fact, Kroger pharmacies will no longer take tri-care either. This means we will have no pharmacy in town that takes our insurance. I need to sort that out tomorrow. 

I walked in the house and could tell Stacia had been cooking. She made Salmon Pot Pie. It is really yummy...and as there were only 4 of us for dinner, we have an extra pie in the fridge for tomorrow. Poor Allie called for a ride home, she is not feeling well. The rest of us watched a sappy Halmark Movie - the Christmas Scavenger Hunt. This has me thinking it would be a GREAT activity for our little town. 

I'm whipped. Hoping to sleep well tonight. 

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