Friday, December 30, 2022

Prepping for Tomorrow (A day of Christmas)

 OK! I give up! I am a bit confused as to which day of Christmas this is...but I know our wise man will end up at the manger on Epiphany, Jan 6th. LOL 

This is the only photo I have today. We spent the day prepping for tomorrow night - New Year's Eve, family gift exchange, Annual Gingerbread Competition... My bed is piled high with things I need to wrap. I am ready for the family exchange and have gone quite a way to being ready for the Household Gift Exchange - which happens on Epiphany. 

Stacia drove me to Wasilla. She's prepping for her DMV test... I'm hoping the weather and roads cooperate. It wasn't bad today, but they are NOW predicting an ice storm.  I suspect the weather is trying to kill us. We shopped Target and Michael's. Oh, my word, people, "GET OVER BEING SO GRUMPY."

In the Michael's parking lot, a gentleman was determined to take the spot my cart was stuck in. There were two other spots right beside it. He could have pulled in, but it was saner to pull up close to me and glare while I dragged the cart through the sludge and out of his way.  In Walmart a lady seriously tried to run me over with a cart. We aren't sure what the problem was...I was in the main aisle, she was in a side aisle moving to the main aisle. I had to jump out of the way, Stacia had to jerk our cart out of her way... We were having a good time, I made a point of cheering up each cashier we met and as many shoppers as possible, but some folks are simply determined to be grouchy today. 

I got a call after dinner asking if I had eggs. I also got texts and FB messages. I guess there is a local (or is it national) shortage. As I continued to get messages, Stacia made a quip about menopause, which led me to reply I was going to post on FB, "I have no eggs. I'm in menopause." ::snort:: Stacia, Allie and I thought we were terribly funny...I believe Michael rolled his eyes at us.  In any event Michael and I took 10 dozen eggs to a neighbor. 

We could not make it past the 4th Home Alone...just couldn't do it. We were happy to watch episode 3 of Season 3 of The Chosen tonight. This is a really great series. 

But now...I must go get a mountain of things moved from our bed. 

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