Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Annie had an appointment today! She was VERY excited about having an appointment.  It's always fun to see what is important to a child. She and Trudy had well-child visits.  She jauntily left for her appointment while Bella, Gideon and Josiah and I played with tunnels and tubes. 

We also had lunch, put together a puzzle or two and talked. 

Annie came home - still excited. She showed me her two Scooby Band-Aids on her thighs from shots. Nothing could faze her - she had her very own appointment. LOL   They gave me some sugar free candy and a gift card to my favorite coffee stand for my birthday. CoRille gave me a gift card to Michaels. CyRi brought out flowers and leaded chocolate. 

I ended the day at a local diner with five other ladies and one little lady. It's always nice to have the time to connect a bit deeper. 

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