Thursday, January 19, 2023

To Market, To Market

The girls and I haven't been meeting for Breakfast study since before Christmas. This morning Allie and I went out and finished our Beautifully Surrendered study. We covered a one or two stories she'd not heard before - always fun. I read in the car while Allie went for a haircut.

I sold eggs to all who had asked for them this week (5 1/2 dozen). I had 6 dozen counter eggs from the past 4 days. It was time to put them in the fridge or call a local market I had talked with previously. They needed the eggs and were happy to buy all 6 dozen from me. They pay me $5 a dz (which is the same I ask from my personal customers) and mark them up $3 a dz. As we finished the paperwork a gal came in and bought 4 of the 6 dozen. The manager/owner asked if they could call me when they need eggs. I told her I ALWAYS have at least 1 or 2 dz I can part with, and I am only 4 minutes away.... I'm now researching the point where the IRS is going to want records. I've been doing the math and it appears to me that our chickens are more than paying for themselves. They keep us in eggs, and I sell extra eggs to pay for their upkeep. 

Transferred them to plain cartons

ACK - it's Thursday. We're having our January Family Dinner Celebration this Saturday. Stacia started making a birthday cake. Our birthdays this month are Jared, Annie and Me. We're excusing Jared this month, but Annie and I will celebrate. Stacia is making a cute ballet slipper cake which we hope Annie will love.  I am trying to come up with an EASY, no-fuss, menu. 

I took care of a few admin tasks for women's ministry and resisted taking a nap. LOL  Michael had a medical appointment. 

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