Sunday, February 19, 2023

SO GRATEFUL for the Girls!

 Michael preached today. That means we needed two vehicles today...and then we noted all the snow that came down overnight. Michael took time to shovel the ramp and a path for Dad to the van before he left. I got Dad ready, and he and I left to pick up a young man we love to give rides to. The girls opted to wait and come in later. 

Which is how WE got home and were SICK to see the snow had come off the roof while we were at church....and blocked the ramp and the front walk way again. AND THEN....we noticed...these two angels in the middle of the snow piles. 

I was so relieved and GRATEFUL to see them clearing the path. Dad and I just sat in the warm car and let them go to it....Michael got home a bit after us and he got out and helped. That's a LOT of snow that slid off the roof. 

Millie is the only one still thrilled with the snow. 

See all that snow????? We have even more about to come down in the main parking area...we are just waiting for it...and we aren't parking there just now. The last time it all slid off was Jan 1st or 2nd. 

Spring will arrive sometime....

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